Appreciating the security concept of an automation system

My spouse & I got married right after graduating from university, then because of paying off university loans & entry level task positions, my friend and I could only afford a genuinely cramped apartment. As soon as our finances improved, my friend and I started shopping for a house to buy; My fantastic friend and I were genuinely young & naive & ended up buying a entirely gorgeous cabin in a genuinely terrible village. At the time, my friend and I didn’t realize why the asking price was so affordable. My fantastic friend and I were far too glad by the state-of-the-art appliances, brick countertops, remodeled lavatorys & big master kitchen; Shortly after my friend and I moved in, my friend and I became aware of constant sirens due to violence in genuinely close proximity to our street, but we’ve had problems with vandalism & theft on several occasions. With what my friend and I owed on the home, selling it wasn’t an option. My fantastic friend and I knew we’d never get our investment back, and however, my friend and I felt unsafe in our own home; The ideal solution was a cabin security system. My fantastic friend and I decided to have an entire cabin automation system installed to take fortune of the numerous amenities. My fantastic friend and I now have surveillance cameras & motion-activated lights surrounding the perimeter of the home, if someone enters the property, my friend and I receive an alert. Automated door locks are entirely accessible via an app on our iphone. Plus, my friend and I have programmed the automation system to track the locations of our iphones through geofencing. When my friend and I pull into the driveway, the garage door automatically opens, then once my friend and I pull inside, the door closes & locks; Lights turn on, the thermostat adjusts & we’ve even set up the coffee maker to beginning up. I like the sensors on the windows that respond to glass cutting or anyone attempting to open them, every window & exterior door is connected to an alarm that sounds if there is an intruder.


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