Always check your air vents for teen nonsense

When you are becoming a parent nobody can tell you exactly what to expect.

You can read every book on Amazon and consult every so-called professional.

You can learn from your parents and ask all of your friends for tips. However, you will never be fully prepared for the nightmare and utter bliss that is becoming a parents to several little kids. I say this with confidence because I did everything I could to get ready for my kids. In the end, they were constantly teaching me new things that no audio book could ever explain. Let me give you a few pointers though. If you have teenagers, I recommend that you keep a regular thermostat near your living room. Don’t upgrade to a smart thermostat unit because the old school air quality control device gives you a good excuse to check on your kids behaviors. I also recommend that you keep AC window units inside of their bedrooms. It gives them the chance to learn about energy expenditure and responsibilities with an air conditioning system… And it keeps them locked inside all night. Lastly, I recommend that you always track your air vents on a regular basis. If you don’t have a professional HVAC worker coming out to perform air duct work cleanings, make sure that you take a gander inside of your air vents on your own. I learned this last tip the hard way after my teenager is revealed to me that they stored their pot inside of their bedroom air vents. To this day, I’m always suspicious of well camouflaged vents.
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