Adding HEPA filter is big

I had no idea that such a small change to the HVAC equipment would make such a big change.

I was in to see my doctor a month or so ago for a routine checkup.

I’m pretty healthy and try to take care of myself. I don’t come home to plop down in the central air conditioning of my house to drink beer all evening. Instead, I get some sort of exercise each day and maintain a diet that is focused on greens, vegetables and whole grains. I’m really glad that I made this change back in my thirties. It’s made a tremendous difference in my health and life. When the doctor asked me if there was anything different, I let her know that I was dealing with a scratchy throat more often than I had in the past. She then started quizzing me about my HVAC and the air filter. She also asked if I had ever had ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing done. It’s so odd that my wife had just gotten that done like ten days earlier. The doctor said that was great and then suggested that I change the air filter for the HVAC unit. I’d always used the cheapest air filters I could find. But changing to the HEPA filter has made a tremendous difference in the air quality. And it was such good timing as well because of the ductwork cleaning and the ductwork resealing. The HEPA filter made an immediate impact as I haven’t had another sore throat since then. Additionally, my wife said she was breathing easier and bothered less by the dander of our cat.



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